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Big Ponds and Little Fish

Modern house with terracotta roof tiles

There’s a school of thought that says it’s better for the resale value of your home if you have a smaller house on a street with a lot of bigger houses. Presumably, this is because the value of the larger, more elaborate houses will pull up the value of your home with it’s time to sell.

But another theory says that it’s better to have the biggest house on your block because by being a “big fish in a little pond”, you can offer potential buyers a special status that can add to the perceived value of your home.

Construction Broward — Big or Little?

At TGS Construction Corp. we believe you should have exactly the house that you want, regardless of the size or status of the other houses in your neighborhood. Most homeowners aren’t buying new homes based on their potential resale value –at least not as their primary consideration.

First-time buyers and older homeowners alike are looking for homes that provide their families with enough room to be comfortable, in areas where they can feel safe and secure, and that offer amenities such as good schools and nearby quality shopping that will make their lives better.


At TGS Construction Corp., we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the types of homes they want, rather than houses that compare favorably or unfavorably with other houses on the same block. We want the families who move into our houses to love the places where they live.

That’s why we work to ensure that every home meets the highest quality standards and exceeds the expectations of the homeowner who will eventually raise their families in it.

When we build homes, we understand that we are building more than future value or resale potential. We are building places where real people will create lasting memories and where lifetimes will be spent in love and comfort.


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