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How to Plan Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Project

Key Biscayne Home Before 2Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, which accounts for many of the challenges that come with planning a remodeling project.

The cabinets, appliances and surfacing materials you see in a catalog, at a retail store or even in somebody else’s home are going to look entirely different when they are installed in your home.

Stock cabinets can be made to look unique with a virtually unlimited number of specialty finishes or hardware changes. If your remodeling budget can accommodate custom cabinets you have even more choices.

Counter top materials today come in many different choices. And these can be customized even further with special routing or by inset bands of another material or color.

The same holds true for floors, walls, in-kitchen dining furniture and even windows and window treatments.

So even if your kitchen is small and plain, you sill have plenty of opportunities for bringing it to life with remodeling.

Making Your Kitchen Distinctive

You can transform your kitchen into a remarkable space that is entirely your own. Manufacturers, contractors and designers have seen it all, so they can recommend any type of amenity you want or need. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is huge or tiny.

There are space-saving products that can be used in apartment kitchens or condos, or top of the line appliances that can be installed in huge mansions. It’s entirely up to what you want your kitchen to look like. Your choices are essentially endless.

Choose a Focal Point

The first step to planning your kitchen remodeling is to look at your kitchen with an eye to what might serve as a focal point. It could be something like a large window, an alcove or a long wall.

If you have a bank of beautiful windows with a great view, or an eye-catching counter that runs the length of the window wall, this could be the focal point around which you plan the rest of your kitchen remodel.

Dream Big

If you entertain a lot and have a lot of space, you might consider setting up your room to include two back to back kitchens: One with a full-size range, refrigerator and sink and the second for entertaining, with an ice maker, a wine chiller, a smaller sink, a mini fridge and a microwave.

Whether your space is small or large, or whether your are shooting for pretty or pretty wild, you should try to envision the type of dream kitchen you have always wanted and then incorporate these ideas into your remodeling plans.

Realistic Design

While you are limited only by your imagination, here are some practical concerns to keep in mind:

  • There should be a straight line distance between the sink, refrigerator and stove top that is between 12 and 23 feet.
  • The sink should be positioned between the refrigerator and the stove because it’s used most often.
  • Allow for 36 inches of counter space to the right of the range and sink and 30 inches to the left.
  • Try to include at least 10 linear feet of both upper cabinets and base cabinets.

Your dream kitchen awaits. All you need to do is make it happen.


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