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Storage Options

 As one of South Florida’s leading home contractors, TGS Construction has helped hundreds of your friends and neighbors renovate their homes, including their baths and kitchens.

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is what to do with all of their belongings while their homes are being upgraded, updated or repaired. The answer depends on two things: 1.) How much stuff you have, and 2.) The complexity and duration of the home improvement project.

 Minimal Disruption

At TGS construction, our goal is to minimize the extent to which your normal everyday routine is disrupted during your home improvement project. If it is something as simple as updating your kitchen cabinets,

If the project is something as simple as updating your kitchen cabinets, repainting the interior of your home, or even installing new bathroom floors, walls, and ceilings, generally you can simply move your things somewhere else in your home until the project is completed.

If you have a garage or basement, for example, these can be the perfect places for temporarily storing the items that otherwise would be in the room that is being renovated or updated.

Bigger Jobs

In some cases, the job is much bigger and more disruptive. For example, if your home needs to be gutted and rebuilt after a fire, or if you are putting on an addition to your home, or tearing down your existing home and building an entirely new one, you probably are going to need someplace to store all or most of your belongings during the length of the construction project.

One option is to rent a storage “pod” that can remain on your property during the project. Another is to rent a storage locker at a nearby storage facility and keep your stuff there until you are ready to move back in.


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