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Simplifying Complicated Tasks

Whether you are building something as simple as a single family home or a more elaborate project like a shopping center or office building, every construction project is complicated.

There are endless details to worry about, hundreds of decisions that have to be made, and timetables and deadlines that need to be made.

TGS Construction is among the leading South Florida contractors for a reason: We care about keeping our clients happy, regardless of the complexity of the new construction project.

New Construction Broward — A Tradition of Reliability

AtTGS Construction, we take pride in meeting and even exceeding deadlines for new construction projects for our South Florida clients. So we will work with you to achieve your time objections regardless of how ambitious they are.

The last thing any client wants is for a project be delayed. While some delays are unavoidable — due to weather or getting the proper permits, for example –at TGS Construction we have the experience to anticipate these types of delays so that they can be built into the schedule for your new construction project.

We will always work with you to give you a realistic understanding of where your project stands. Unlike many other South Florida contractors, we won’t hide any bad news from you. Instead, we consider ourselves to be your partners in achieving the project together.

New Construction Broward — A Commitment to Customer Service

Another thing that sets TGS Construction apart from other South Florida contractors is that we care about our customer service reputation.

It’s well known that construction contractors have a reputation for being hard to reach — especially once you sign a contract with them.

But at TGS Construction, we pride ourselves on maintaining continual contact with our clients. We know that getting answers when you need them is a top priority for you.


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